Thursday, April 19, 2007

Unparalled Wit

My post on the classic Decalogue films, which are ten brilliant Polish movies based on the ethical tenets of the Ten Commandments, was unfortunately filled with more tangents than substance...even more than usual. I wasn't able to finish it last night and had to shelve that project while I write my review of Bella for tomorrow's post.

I decided to use today's post to wax nostalgic about my favorite movie reviewer Steve Sailer, whose wit and insight are unparalleled. Check out his incisively funny reviews of V for Vendetta and The Davinci Code. Just don't drink anything while reading, some of his more devastatingly funny passages can cause your sinuses to explode. He's the primary reason I keep subscribing the The American Conservative.


Michael R. Denton said...

I think there's a problem with the links. It appears you have one too many "http"s in it. I only point it out because I entered it by hand and read the reviews and they were very very funny. Thanks for posting them.

Martin Harold said...

Thanks - I've fixed them.

mkolar said...

Martin, this is off thread, but I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful blog. I'll be coming back often. Your review of The 300 put words to my less-than-clear thoughts on the film. Many blessings on your endeavor.
Mark Thompson-Kolar