Friday, June 8, 2007

Cashing In

I can't believe that I'm just hearing about this now, but Fox started its own faith label. Apparently the label's definition of "faith" encompasses anything considered bland and inoffensive like Garfield cartoons and Strawberry Shortcake: Adventures on Ice Cream; there was nothing advertised on its website that seemed worth seeing. Fox wants to cash in on the Christian market, yet still does not have enough respect for Christian consumers to really break the piggy bank open. I can't imagine this label has been very successful. Its profitability will be limited until it can really break free from its stereotypes.


Skyminder said...

I think Stephen Colbert should coin a new term: "Faithyness." Cuz that's about as close to Christianity as Public America will go.

Matheus F. Ticiani said...

I've read about it last year on imdb:

Then I read an interesting and funny post Barbara Nicolosi wrote about it:

Anonymous said...

The company's released "The Ultimate Gift", written by an Act One Alumni. I thought it was a decent film, and not crassly "Christian"; more the type of thing a successful 'Christian-targeted' studio should be doing.

nowickis said...

Didn't they produce the weirdly derivative Christian serial killer epic Thr3ee?