Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mike Judge's Idiocracy: An Evolutionary Biologist's Nightmare

I'll bet Margaret Sanger never imagined in her wildest eugenic fantasies that her principles could possibly lead human progress backwards. Idiocracy's premise introduces into the evolutionary picture the wild, unpredictable, utopia-crushing principle of free will. In its opening sequence, a sophisticated couple complain that "market conditions" aren't amenable to having children; several cuts later their contraceptive mindset ends in their irreversible infertility, while backwoods rednecks promiscuously copulate with reckless abandon. Thus, we are lead to the creation of Idiocracy, a future world where marketing slogans are elevated to the level of absolute truth and art is as obscene as it is stupid.

Unfortunately the premise, while inherently hilarious, is merely a vehicle for writer/director Mike Judge to display his impressive array of fart and sex jokes, the knowledge of which was integral to his creation of Beavis and Butthead. A few funny moments remain; all in all it was an enjoyable DVD rent. But enough from me, Steve Sailor has a great review of Idiocracy here.


Halfling.Steve said...

I saw the film last night, and ever since, have been seeing it all around me. Maybe it's just being in the good old midwest again, but there were EXTREME tacos at the resturaunt, and easy push-buttons for the guy at Wal-Mart.

To be honest, I'm suprised that such a heavy-handed satire was actually allowed into circulation. I enjoyed it though.

Anonymous said...

...hmmmmm...some of the most devout Catholics I've ever met are from backwoods Louisiana, and ssome of the worst examples of white-trash I've ever seen come from "cosmopolitan" Chicago; I'd go easy on the "backwoods" label.